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 1st Server wipeout

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PostSubject: 1st Server wipeout   Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:22 pm

We have a Problem on our Database Server

when there server upgrade from season 6 episode 1 to season 6 episode 3

we got a lot of bug like items that cant remove

items that when you click you got disconnected

and this problem is a big problem!

the ReaperMU team cant remove all bug items

maybe it will be cause of different version of DataBase

ReaperMU Team make a big and hard decision

and the decision will be "WIPE OUT"

We will have our 1st Wipe Out in our server

to fix a lot of bug,the ReaperMU Team will apologize for this incident

but this is the Good News of our Beloved ReaperMU Staff

they will make a lot of events to get back you're items,stats and all efforts

you had made for our server!

and ReaperMU Team has a BIG PLAN

and wait for the BIG PLAN for the next update

Thank you for understanding

More updates visit our website
Site: http://reapermu.malware-site.www/

-ReaperMU Staff-
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